Photography Studio Update

After five weeks, I thought it would be a good time to give a photography studio update. As of right now, it looks like we have the possibility of opening the studio again in May. I am cautiously optimistic with the idea of opening in May so I wanted to take the time to outline some things that will be the same as always, how it will work, and some things that will defiantly be different.

photography studio update

If things go as planned and May is are opening date, there will be no new sessions scheduled in the month of May.

It is going to take at least a month for our photography studio to catch up on back logged sessions. Another reason for this is that I want to make sure there is enough time in between studio sessions to sanitize everything. There will be no more than 1 session per day to help cut down on the number of people in the studio.

photography studio update

Speaking of sanitizing, this is one thing that will not be different than before!

We have always thoroughly cleaned the photography studio before and after sessions. Hard surfaces, including door handles, tables, etc. have always been wiped down with disinfectant and will continue to be that way. All blankets, wraps, and clothing is washed after use as well to ensure the healthiest environment for your little ones. We have always been sensitive to germs!

A new addition to sessions will be masks.

This one goes without saying. Megan (the photography studio assistant) and I will be wearing masks to help protect you and your family. We have always worn gloves, that will not change. As of right now, you won’t need to wear one into the studio unless it is mandated.

For right now, only immediate family members will be allowed in the studio for the session.

Trust me, I know how exciting it is to watch a grandchild’s newborn session. And I know how special generational photos are. I hope that we can change this policy in the future but for right now, the fewer people that come into the photography studio, the better.

photography studio update

Photography studio sessions in the upcoming months are available on the booking website.

While you can book your session months in advance, I am currently leaving the appointments as unconfirmed. This way, you will not be charged until the month of your session. I know it is difficult to plan in advance right now and want you to know that while your session will be on the schedule, you will not have a financial commitment until it gets closer.

photography studio update

Outdoor family sessions are yet to be announced.

Hopefully in another month we will have the photography studio caught back up and a game plan for the outdoor family season. Once we have things back and rolling, we will put out an update. If you aren’t a VIP already, you can sign up here.

Thank you so much for stopping by for the photography studio update! I hope you and your family are staying healthy and safe!

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