Happy First Birthday, A!

Happy First Birthday, A!

By Baby Photographer Cleveland Ohio Mary Christine Photography

Happy first birthday, Baby A!  My goodness, this little guy came in for his baby photographer Cleveland Ohio session this week.  How adorable are all these little babies turning one?? It certainly makes my photographer heart happy. <3 I have said this a million times, but watching these babies grow is the best part of my job!

Baby Photographer Cleveland Ohio

Baby A’s momma and I went to high school together.  It was great catching up with her!  Motherhood is such a different stage of life and really makes us connect on a new level.  Suddenly we all have a common denominator in life.  Having a baby adds a new dimension to all of our lives! And of course now we have a new little one to swoon over!

Baby Photographer Cleveland Ohio

Mr. A was up most of the night before teething but my goodness, he was SO good!  A little serious, but we cracked the smiles.  Let me tell you, if I had but up all night there would be no smiles at all! How sweet is he in this hoodie from Three Strands Photography Props?  Did you know that all outfits are provided for your baby’s photography session?  It’s true!  I lay them out so they either match the set or so you can choose your favorites! How easy is that??

Baby Photographer Cleveland Ohio

Baby Photographer Cleveland Ohio

I LOVE simple, organic photos like the ones above.  It shows off all those little tiny details without drawing attention to anything else.  How sweet are those little baby toes? Neutrals are by far my favorite, but I am happy to accommodate more colorful options as well.

Baby Photographer Cleveland Ohio

Baby A’s first birthday theme is Finding Nemo because he loves all things water!  In fact, the only time he cried during his photography session was when his momma took him out of the bath.  He loves the aquarium and fish, so this theme is perfect!  Lindsey from the West Side Bakery in Cleveland Ohio made his cake.  It is the perfect final touch for the theme!

Baby Photographer Cleveland Ohio

He LOVED his cake! Some babies have a hard time digging in, but A totally got the idea of smashing the cake!  He kept saying ‘yum’ and demolishing it!  And of course, like a guy after my heart, went in face first.  That, my friends, is how cake eating should always be done. Always.

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Newborn Soothing Tips

Newborn Soothing Tips

By Cleveland Newborn Whisperer Mary Christine Photography

Many of my newborn parents come to the session and call me the Cleveland newborn whisperer.  The truth is, it has not always been this way.  It has taken a lot of practice in handling newborns and listening to their cues to get here.  Today I wanted to share some of the best tips with you in hopes that it might make soothing your newborn a little easier.

Tip 1: Swaddle

Do not stop swaddling once you leave the hospital.  There’s a reason why newborns love to be all cozy.  It replicates the womb and makes them feel secure.  My favorite wraps to use are jersey knit because they are soft and hold in place.  I buy them at Cloth Apothecary, but you can find them at any fabric store.

Tip 2: All that noise!

The womb is a noisy place to spend nine months.  There is blood rushing around and the sound of momma’s voice, heart, and breathing.  The shushing noise is very comforting to newborns.  I use this shusher every newborn session.  If fact, most new parents buy it on Amazon before they even leave the session!

Tip 3: Have you heard the buzz?

Babies love movement, that is a well know fact, but did you know that Summer Infant makes a portable vibrator for your baby? You can have a bouncy seat anywhere and keep the little one happy!  They also come in mats, like the Tranquilo Mat.

Tip 4: The Sweet Spot.

Newborns love having their head cradled, just as it was in utero.  There is also a pressure point between their eyes that if you gently stroke, will calm them almost instantly.  (That is, assuming they are not in pain or hungry). I call this my ‘off button’, if the little one is sleepy, it puts them to sleep almost right away!

Cleveland Newborn Whisperer

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Spring Family Sessions

Hello, spring!

Photography Cleveland Ohio

Is anyone else thinking spring sessions today? Okay, not quite spring yet, but being in photography Cleveland Ohio, we get really excited when the sun comes out.  We have the most dreary winters, with snow and clouds!  Today happens to be one of those rare sunny days and it has me thinking spring!  Raise your hand if you are ready for flowers and warmer temperatures? I know I sure am! It may be a little early yet, but a girl can dream.  Right??

This year, I will be offering spring family sessions at this dreamy location!  Last year, my friends Lauren asked me to do her family photos here.  I loved how they turned out so much that I dragged my girls here the next day.  We know have the photo framed in our family room.  It is a really large print and I love looking at it every day!

So this year, in honor of my favorite location of all time in Wooster Ohio, I will be offering spring mini sessions!  These blooms do not last long, so availability will be limited.  These sessions are perfect for families, kiddos six months old and up, and maternity.

I will be releasing the sessions here on February 20.  Mini sessions almost always sell out within an hour, so make sure you set your calendar!  Also, if you are not a VIP member yet, make sure you sign up today.  You will receive emails about upcoming specials and mini sessions like this one.  You will never miss out on a special session again!

Photography Cleveland OhioPhotography Cleveland OhioPhotography Cleveland OhioPhotography Cleveland OhioPhotography Cleveland OhioPhotography Cleveland OhioPhotography Cleveland Ohio

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Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Photographer Cleveland

Welcome, little Miss N to the Photographer Cleveland Ohio blog! Oh my goodness, this little lady came in for her cake smash session this week.  How adorable is she?  Like a real life baby doll.  How lucky am I to call this my job?

N’s parents wanted a simple but organic feel to her session.  Sign me up!  If you have followed any of my work, you know how obsessed I am with this!  These floral wreaths are all the rage right now and were super easy to make.  I love the simplicity of the cake from A Cupcake A Day in Medina, Ohio.

Who doesn’t love cake? I know I sure do!  Most babies are a little confused when we plop and entire cake in front of them.  I always suggest parents bring in their favorite finger food to help lure them into eating the cake.

But little Miss N needed no coaxing, she knew exactly what to do!  A little tip from the cake eating pros, always check your belly button for crumbs. How stinking adorable!  You can’t blame a girl for getting every last morsel!

Photographer Cleveland

Did you know that the outfits are provided for your session?  It’s true!  All you need to do is bring your baby!  How sweet is this little set from Cora and Violet? I love playing dress up with babies, especially since mine will no longer let me dress them!

Photographer ClevelandPhotographer ClevelandPhotographer Cleveland

Ahhhh, I could have kept Miss N and played with her all day. She is so chill and adorable!  Her parents are pretty amazing people too!  It is always an honor when a family trusts me to capture their precious moments like this.

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Two Poses (Video Included!)

Two Poses (With Video!)

Newborn Photography Posing by Cleveland Photography Mary Christine Photography

Videos are becoming popular these days.  They tell a more in depth story than photos and I find that it helps clients know what to expect in their session.  If you are coming across this blog and are looking for a newborn photographer or are a newborn photographer, this blog is for you!

The collage below shows newborn photography posing for the side laying pose and bum up pose.  I love these two poses for several reasons:


Newborn Photography Posing

Babies love them!  It keeps them calm, comfortable and happy.  It also shows off their sweet little features and you can get so many angles and variety.

For little boys in the side laying pose, you can add a wrap, bonnet, teddy bear, or even a football.  For girls you can use a variety of headbands or a bunny.  I find all of my little lovies from Mary’s Knittin’.  

This video shows the transition from the side laying pose to the bum up pose. Another favorite of mine!  Who doesn’t love baby rolls?  This pose shows them off perfectly!

A few side notes on the video.  I wear gloves because my hands are always cold, which usually disrupts the baby’s sleep.  The noise is coming from the Baby Shusher, which you buy here. (I use it every newborn photography session, the newborns love it!) It is also mentionable that you need to follow the baby’s cues and make sure they are comfortable.  Never force a baby into a pose!

As you can see from the photos below, you can get so much variety with this pose as well!  How sweet are those rolls and baby toes?

newborn posing

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