Why professional prints

Every week, I get an inquiry about if I can just give digital images without a print. It makes sense to ask, right? It’s easier for me and you can print them whenever you please. Want a print for your Aunt Suzy? Get them printed while you shop at Target. Easy peasy, right? Grandma Sue? Let’s get them printed at the drugstore in 10 minutes. Need to update a frame? Sure!

Why professional prints then??

I understand where this thinking comes from, I’m guilty of doing this myself! In all honesty, it has taken me years to come to this conclusion as a photographer. We spend a great deal of time, effort, and hard earned money to make these digital images awesome. So let’s take a look at why finishing them properly is so important.

Perhaps the easiest explanation is a print comparison. As you can quickly see, there is a big difference!

As much as I love shopping at Target, the print came out grainy. CVS’s print was very yellow and dark. Walgreens in washed out.

Digital images are great to have as files to save on your computer but in reality, prints will outlast any digital image. Prints are going to be passed down from generation to generation as technology continually changes.

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