When is the best time to photograph baby?

When is the best time to photograph baby? I get asked this questions frequently. Let me start off by saying there is never a wrong time and you will never regret having beautiful photos to remember your child with. As Andy Warhol said to simply, “The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” There are a few things that make each stage great and a few things to keep in mind as your baby grows.

photography baby

The newborn stage (or the first two(ish) weeks of life are fantastic for those classic, sleepy baby images. Usually, (and again, usually is the keyword), babies are content to snooze their session away. If you are looking for sleepy, posed images of your child, now is the time to do so. These are always a favorite of mine.

Occasionally, I will get some three month sessions. While there certainly is no right or wrong time to photograph baby, here’s what you need to keep in mind at three months old. They are not going to sleep and their happy and awake window is VERY short. We usually try to move through sets quickly and most of what you will receive out of this time frame is baby on their back and a few on their tummy, if they are strong enough to hold their head up.

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Now I know a lot of people get hung up on six month sessions but hear me out on this. Wait until your little one can sit unsupported, which is usually a little closer to seven months old. Why? Well first of all, it is a whole lot safe and second, we can get a huge variety. Babies at this stage are perfectly content to sit and smile, be on their tummies, and babble. It’s all about their personality and thigh rolls. Y’all this is one of the BEST times to do their photos. Seriously, do not wait until their first birthday!

photograph baby

At nine months, babies are typically starting to crawl. In order to photograph baby, we usually find props that contain them and then let them crawl around for a few. It starts to get a little more challenging now.

photograph baby

The final time that most people get their little one’s photos done is the first birthday. Who doesn’t love celebrating with cake? Fun sets are literally the icing on the cake at this stage and many parents opt for family photos now too. Some babies are even walking by now. Stranger danger is in full force and it usually takes them some time (or a lot of time) to warm up to new places and experiences. Don’t be surprised if your outgoing little one suddenly becomes camera shy at this age. It’s totally normal. (And we have some tricks to warm them up, but that’s for another day).

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