Newborn Session Information

Newborn Session Information:

 Here are some frequently asked questions for newborn sessions.  

Where are the sessions held?

The studio is located at 754 North Court Street Medina Ohio.  I work from the studio so I can have everything prepped before you arrive. This also insures that I can give you the best images possible by controlling the lighting and environment.  You can view the studio here.

How do you photograph my baby?

-Your child’s Cleveland Newborn Photographersafety and comfort are my number one priority. I take a baby led approach to sessions, meaning your little one’s comfort is number one. For newborn sessions, I have an amazing assistant that is there to ensure that hands and eyes are never taken off your little one.

The studio will be warm to keep him/her comfortable.  I tend to go slowly and listen to their cues.

I have been trained by the leading newborn photographers in the industry in person and will do the posing and comforting myself (unless you are needed).  All blankets are washed with free and gentle detergent.

What do I need to bring to the session?

Your baby!  I have an abundance of properly fitting newborn clothes, wraps, props, and backdrops.  I take your style, taste, and preference into consideration when styling the session based on your newborn questionnaire.

What poses and set ups will you do?

–  Your input is valuable to me, so I will have you fill out a pre-session questionnaire via my webpage so I can style the session to your taste.  Once you arrive, everything will be set up so you can relax and enjoy the session.  It is important to know that not all babies will go into every pose (although I will try my best) and that I will not try anything that I feel is unsafe.

When should I schedule my session?

While you are pregnant!  Our schedule fills quickly, usually months in advance and we only take a limited number of sessions per month.

How do I schedule?

Click on the contact me form on my website.  I am happy to call you to chat or email you to give you a full pricing guide and availability.  You can schedule your session on my scheduling website.  Then the proposal and session questionnaire will be sent your way. After that, your due date will be reserved and you can focus on your pregnancy and delivery!

When does the session take place?

I photograph babies in the first 2 weeks. 6-10 days in preferable for the sleepy, baby images. In the first 6-10 days, feeding is usually established, but they are still very sleepy. They are also very flexible from being in the womb for 9 months. However I understand bringing home a new baby is overwhelming, so I am flexible. If the first two weeks does not work out, the next best time is when your baby is sitting well on his/her own.

How are the images delivered?

After your session, you will have an ordering appointment to view and select the images and products you love. Collections include a combination of wall art and digital images.

Have more questions or would like to schedule your session?  Please contact Mary today!