My Newborn Photography Workflow

Ever wondered how some newborn photographers sessions are finished in an hour or sometimes even less? I’m here to let you in on a little secret today. It’s all about having the right newborn photography workflow in place.

You might be wondering why a workflow is so important in saving time and energy for your newborn session. The answer is pretty simple- less big movements for the baby equal less time spent soothing. You can also maximize the number of photos in a gallery with the right workflow which gives your clients a nice variety.

It’s also important to keep the amount of time with your newborn sessions to a minimum for your client’s sake. They are tired (they just had a baby, need we say more?), often have a toddler waiting with them, and the newborn only has so much time before they are overstimulated.

With a bit of practice and patience, if you are able to hone in your newborn photography workflow, your sessions will be easier, faster, and increase your sales.

Just like anything else with babies, it is also best if you have a contingency plan in place. Baby comes in awake? Start with wrapped and family photos first. Baby wakes up hungry in the middle? Feed them and see if they are sleepy. Awake babies are not meant to be posed. They prefer to be swaddled and held.

Now, onto the good stuff. No gatekeeping here! Ready?

My Newborn Photography Workflow:

1. Swaddled (with or without toes and hands out depending on baby’s preferences )

Notice all the angles? It’s all about maximizing the variety without distributing the baby. I like to start with some version on the wrap in order to get to know how sleepy they are, if they are easily settled, and their preferences. This is also a great opportunity to include some textured blankets and wraps. If you left their feet out of the wraps, it is also a great time to get a shot of those.

newborn photography workflow
newborn photography workflow

2. Side lying

Next up is the side lying pose. It’s easy to half way unwrap (or fully unwrap) the little one and gently roll onto their side to get this next pose. I usually get 3 different angles in the pose.

3. Bum up

Bum up is easiest for me to get next, simply roll baby from their side to their tummy. Be sure to leave the back arm out for support and cross their ankles.

4. Chin on hands

Chin on hands is next. Take baby’s hand that is off to the side and slowly, gently cross under the other hand. When baby is relaxed, carefully turn their head so that they are facing you. You can add mom and dad’s hands for some variety.

newborn photography workflow
newborn photography workflow

5. Props

The first start that I usually start with if baby is still comfortable is one that I can put them in keeping them in the chin on hands pose. Buckets, baskets, and boxes all work great for this. Add siblings to the photos while baby is in a prop but always be sure to have a spotter nearby!

newborn photography workflow
newborn photography workflow

6. Family photos

The hardest part is out of the way, next is family photos! Most of the time I wrap baby for these. It makes it easier for parents to hold them and you can move through the photos easier.

newborn photography workflow
newborn photography workflow

I hope this helps you improve your newborn photography workflow! If you are interested in mentoring, please check out this page for more information. Have a question? Feel free to contact me.

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