Maternity Photoshoot

Welcome Kirsten’s maternity photoshoot to the blog!  My goodness, what a stunning momma!  Pregnancy really is an amazing, beautiful thing, isn’t it?

With Northeast Ohio deep in the throngs of winter, outdoor maternity sessions are nearly impossible this time of year!  That should not mean that we avoid them though!  It is so important to document your pregnancy, it is something that I regret more than anything.  Studio maternity photoshoots are just as fun and beautiful.  I love the simplicity of these sessions.  It is all about the details.

Silhouettes are definitely a go to in the Mary Christine Photography studio!  And who doesn’t love this classic?  There is a little human life growing in that bump, y’all!  It never ceases to amaze and thrill me.

maternity photoshoot

Another studio favorite?  Dreamy backlighting.  Doesn’t momma look angelic?

maternity photoshoot

I love a good bump shot. After all, it makes sense, I miss my own images like these!

Did you know that all gowns and under garments are provided for you maternity photoshoot? It’s true!  All you have to do is your hair and make up and we provide the rest!  Playing dress up is half the fun, right? This gown from Sew Trendy is a client favorite.

maternity photoshoot

I always encourage spouses and children (if you have one already!) to participate in the maternity session.  After all, it is a special time for everyone!  This will likely be their last image together before their little girl makes her big appearance.

maternity photoshoot

We can always get a little creative and have some fun in studio too!  Ladies, it’s time that we reframe our approach of studio maternity sessions.  These are just as gorgeous and timeless as the outside sessions.  Although, I do have to admit, I am looking forward to spring too.

maternity photoshoot

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog!  Are you expecting and considering a maternity photoshoot?  Please check out similar posts on the blog.

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