Glitter Sessions

What seems like a lifetime ago, we had glitter sessions in the studio and today I am finally sharing them on the blog! Oh what fun we had back in February! Does anyone remember what it was like to leave the house? Not sure that I do honestly. It now seems pretty normal to be home all the time.

These sessions were So. Much. Fun. Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? I also loved seeing these sweet faces, some of whom I haven’t seen since their newborn session! Totally worth the clean up, which may or may not still be going to this very day. Glitter is sneaky like that.


Sisters are the best, aren’t they? My goodness, those curls too! I love all the little details and capturing their reaction to the glitter.


I do recommend that kiddos who come for glitter sessions are past the stage of putting everything in their mouth. Safety, after all, is still our top priority.

Are you interested in glitter sessions or other types of special events? Make sure you are on our VIP list so that you are always in the know. You can also join the Facebook group to stay up to date. Due to demand, special sessions are not released to the public and often sell out very quickly! Some upcoming ones that we will (hopefully) have are fall family sessions and holiday sessions. It looks like we may miss the spring blooms this year.

Thanks you for stopping by the blog to check out the glitter sessions! We are currently closed due to COVID19. Right now, we are unable to schedule new sessions, but do have a list of who to contact when we are back and running. Until then, stay home, stay healthy, and THANK YOU healthcare workers!

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