Ashdon 6 Months

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Ashdon 6 Months | Cleveland Baby Photography

Ashdon came for his 6 month Cleveland baby photography session this week and let me tell you, these are one of my favorites! In six months time, these little ones go from sleepy to oh so much personality! And so happy! Being a Cleveland Baby Photographer, it really makes my heart happy to see the changed and growth that happen. And of course catching up with their families is amazing too! Not to mention those gummy smiles that make your heart swoon. <3

Cleveland Baby Photography

This set is so sweet and simple!  I love the timelessness of it and how it shows Ashdon as he is now.  Before you know it, this little man will be crawling and walking faster than we can keep up!

The simplest images are always a classic for these sessions but it’s always fun to mix it up, especially with sets that have meaning. This little guy’s nickname is Camp, so how fun is this little set that matches his nickname? When it has meaning, it will always outlast the random sets.  This backdrop is from Intuition Backgrounds (love their backdrops!).

Ashdon’s personality is so calm and sweet, just as it was when he was a newborn!  Another thing I love about these sessions is capturing the milestones that the little guy has achieved.  He’s sitting up, rolling over, and loves those toes.  It’s really all about those details that will change so quickly!

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