Newborn Lifestyle Session

Newborn Lifestyle Session

By Akron Newborn Photographer Mary Christine Photography

Lifestyle newborn sessions are such a fun alternative to studio sessions!  For an Akron newborn photographer, winter can be a difficult time to have clients to travel to the studio for sessions.  While I do not get the opportunity to do these often, with winter and flu season upon us, I often get asked if I can come to the home this time of year.  And while I can not take the studio with me, an in home session has it’s own cozy appeal.

Akron Newborn Photographer

Lifestyle newborn sessions take place in your home, often in the nursery and master bedroom.  These rooms provide an a variety of ways we can comfortably pose you and interact with family members.  It makes for such an intimate session, one the provides a snapshot into your everyday life when you welcomed home a new family member.

An advantage to lifestyle sessions is that it does not have to take place within the first 2 weeks.  We can easily do the first month or so, and do not need to worry about the little one sleeping or being awake.  Feeding sessions provide a great time to interact, so no need to worry about the schedule interrupting the session!

While you do not need to worry about cleaning the entire house, the master bedroom and nursery should be tidy.  We can also use the family room.  I do edit anything out of the background but will touch up blemishes.

Another thing to be mindful is of the natural light.  We will schedule during the daylight hours.  I do have a speed light to supplement, but the room does need some natural light as well.

Newborn Lifestyle SessionNewborn Lifestyle Session

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