What to look for in a newborn photographer

Deciding on what newborn photographer to hire for your little one’s first photoshoot can feel like a daunting task. A quick internet search will bring up endless options. New parents can easily find themselves overwhelmed with the options and confused by how it all works. I’m here to break it all down for you today in hopes on making your search a little easier.

1. Style

Photographers have a huge variety in terms of style even when it comes to the tiniest of people. Are you a colorful person? Perhaps neutrals are your jam. Maybe you want a lot of props or prefer to focus on family photos. Are the photos taken in home or in a studio?

When looking at a photographers website, ask yourself if you can see their work hanging on the walls in your home. If the answer is yes, you might have found a good fit for your style. If the answer is no, move onto the next website.

What to look for in a newborn photographer

2. Services offered

Just like a photographers style, there is a huge range of what photographers offer in terms of services offered. Do they have professional hair and makeup in studio? Do they provide wardrobe? What about digital images and finished products? Do they use an assistant or work by themselves?

If you are looking for a full service experience, it will likely come with a higher price tag but less work you have to do yourself. Full service photographers also offer more guidance to ensure your photos are consistent with what you see on their website.

Interested in more basic options? There are a lot of photographers that offer minimum services that usually cut down on your cost but you will have to do more planning and work yourself.

What to look for in a newborn photographer

3. Experience with babies

Photographers cannot photograph everything well. Wedding photographers are skilled at getting the right shot at the right time with the best light. Senior photographers are great at shooting outside and customizing the session to your senior’s interests.

When you are looking for a newborn photographer, it is best to find one the specializes in babies. It also is a good idea to ask what type of training and experience they have with handling newborns. After all, you do not want to hand your newborn baby over to someone that isn’t properly trained with safety and comfort. It is also a good idea to ask how many years experience they have with working with little ones.

4. Cost

Last, but not least, is cost. Resources are likely not unlimited. There is a good reason why this one is last on the list of what to look for in a newborn photographer. If you have gone through the previous points of style, services offered, and experience and the photographer meets your needs, the last step is to get a full service cost. Like previously mentioned, a full service well experienced photographer will likely cost more than other photographers.

What to look for in a newborn photographer

I hope this post is helpful in finding the right photographer for your little one’s first photo session. Have another thing to add to the list? Please share it in the comments.

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