Welcome, Mia!

Welcome, Mia!

Newborn Photography Akron Ohio

Welcome to the newborn photography Akron Ohio blog, Mia! My goodness, this little lady was so good to me!

Newborn sessions can last up to three hours, since babies usually need feedings and soothed, but Mia was done is less than an hour and a half!  She snoozed right on through her session, not a peep from her the entire time!  Her mom said to me that she’s not a great sleeper, which is not unusual, but they followed the prep information I sent them and it worked perfectly!  That’s why keeping your little one awake, stimulating them, and feeding them really well before you leave is so important!  It makes for an easy session and results in gorgeous sleepy images like Mia’s.

I’m slightly obsessed with backlit images right now, especially simple ones like this where their profile is highlighted.  Love, love, love!

newborn photography akron ohio

I love green!  This soft color from Freebird Props is perfect for girls.  And these bows from Hello Miss Gorgeous are so versatile.

newborn photography akron ohioNewborn Photography Cleveland-1

Sweet simplicity and those baby rolls.  Does it get any better than this? I think not!

Newborn Photography Cleveland-1newborn photography akron ohio

This bed from The Original Photoblock Props is my new favorite!  I love it for boys and girls!

newborn photography akron ohio

Christmas is right around the corner, so we had to do a Christmas set for this sweetie.  I love babies in buckets and this sweet and simple take on a holiday theme.  Many thanks to Mia’s daddy for helping spot her!  His hands were inches from her the whole time, safety is so important!

newborn photography akron ohio

Grey is a favorite neutral to use!  How sweet is this halo from Baby Bliss Props?  I use it on newborns and sitters alike.  So obsessed!

Newborn Photography Cleveland-1Newborn Photography Cleveland-1

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog!  Looking for newborn photography Akron Ohio?  Please check out the blog and the portfolio!