What to wear for your newborn session

What to Wear for your Newborn Session

By Cleveland Newborn Photographer Mary Christine Photography

Oh the fun and excitement of having a new baby! So many of my new parent clients are happy to be in the photos, which is fantastic!  Often though, deciding on what to wear to the newborn session is a difficult decision.  After all, mom’s body has changed quite a bit over the last 9 months, and especially since giving birth.  It’s likely that most of your favorite clothes do not fit how they used to.  Not to worry, I have the easiest stress free solution on what to wear for your newborn session!

Let’s be practical.

You are tired.  My studio is going to be hot.  You aren’t feeling 100% between giving birth and taking care of a new baby.  I have the best news ever.  What you wear on your bottom half will never be in photos!  Yep!  Go ahead, wear those

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black leggings, grey sweat pants, whatever is most comfortable! Shoes? Whatever slides onto your foot at the moment!

Keep it simple.

Now obviously, you are worried about your shirt.  Don’t be!  A simple shirt  or tank top free of patterns and logos is best.  Think those breastfeeding tank tops you live in. Why?  The focus is going to be on you and your baby’s face.  Anything distracting is not welcome.  That includes jewelry.  If you can slip on your wedding bands, that’s great, but otherwise, keep the jewelry to a minimum.  And dad, please take off the watch. 😉 

I would recommend you and your spouse or partner wearing the same shirt color, so maybe black would be easiest if you both happen to have that in your closet.


I’m not a big makeup person.  Contouring? I have no clue.  But what I can tell you, is that the strobe light will wash out your makeup, so wear a bit more color on your lips. By giving your lips color, you help define your face, which is always flattering.  A side note, please keep the color timeless.  That dark trendy color or current favorite purple may not be your favorite shade in 10 years.

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A few details.

There are a few details that are important to remember. If you had your fingernails done a few weeks ago before delivery and the paint is chipping, please remove the polish.  Actually, I do recommend taking all fingernail polish off, as it can be distracting, we want the focus to be on the connection to your new baby, not the latest polish.

Looking for a newborn photographer?  Please check out the portfolio!  New babes and families are my jam. <3