Looking for a Pinterest worthy session? Here’s what you need to know.

Let’s talk Pinterest!

Now that I have every female’s attention. Who doesn’t love Pinterest, right? From recipes to decor to fashion and everything in between, Pinterest is the place we go to be inspired. I am right there with you, girlfriend!

So here’s the thing. I know, this might be controversial. But I am going to say it anyway because it needs to be said. And understood why.

If you send your photographer an entire board of Pinterest photos to recreate, you are going to be very disappointed with the results.


Well, honestly, I get it! AND, I’m totally guilty of this myself. Who on earth does not have an entire board of photo ideas??

Photography is a complex thing. A lot of variables go into a swoon worthy image. How the lighting looks, to the pose, to the interaction of the subject, even how it was edited all vary from photo to photo, photographer to photographer, location to location, subject to subject. I think you get it, right?

What makes you LOVE a Pinterest photo might be the thing that’s missing from your own.

And to add to the complexity, recreating someone else’s can become painful for everyone involved and I want you to relax and interact as you normally would with your loved ones. We want these photos to reflect you, your family, and your moments!  Not someone else’s!

I promise you, if you go in with an open mind, you will be SO much happier!

So relax momma. Life doesn’t have to be perfect. Or Pinterest worthy. You want your photos to be amazing and so do I and every other photographer. Interact and love on your family. Let your kiddos personality show. Let the magic unfold before you. You will be so much more in love with these photos of your family than anything you have seen on Pinterest.


So when you do hire a photographer, hire someone you trust. Hire someone whose photos you love. Look over their portfolio, their blog, social media. Do your research. Tell them your preferences. Then all you have to do is be yourself! Isn’t that awesome?

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