Why you need to get in the photos. Yes, you, momma!

So often we as moms are the ones taking the photos rather than being in them. It’s usually because we take on the roll of documenting every moment of our children’s life with enthusiasm. But perhaps more importantly because we are most comfortable with being behind the lens rather than in front of the lens. I fall into both of those categories!

Women often struggle with body image, which only becomes amplified after having children. After all, our body only undergoes what feels like a million changes during and after pregnancy. There is no doubt that the end result of a human life is the most beautiful creation and that it is all worth it in the end! But what I have experienced myself and witness almost every day, is that the end result is a women feeling rather uncomfortable with these changes.

Okay, so you are probably thinking right now, YES! This is exactly why I don’t want to be photographed. Especially right after having a baby! I’m exhausted. I still look 5 months pregnant. I have acne. And who has time for makeup?

Fast forward a few months, even years later. Those feelings last, momma! So does that baby weight! And the exhaustion! I get it!

Let’s not even talk about how awkward it is to have that huge camera and lens pointed your way. Go ahead, try to act completely natural. I dare you. (insert sarcasm here, it’s totally awkward)

So why on earth do you get in front of that camera anyway? Why hand your husband your phone to take a picture? Let’s face it, if he’s anything like mine (I love him unconditionally, don’t get me wrong), he’s not exactly taking a bunch of photos.

Let me ask you this, when you look at a photos of your own parents, do you think, boy, mom really should have lost that weight? Do you think she looks so tired?

Absolutely not.

In fact, I’m going to guess you love and cherish those few photos they are in. You remember your childhood with them and fond moments.

Guess what?

So will your children!

It’s true!

So, if you do not get in front of the camera for yourself, do it for them. These photos are what they will hold onto long after you are gone. This is what they cherish for years to come. I promise you, your kids will love these photos when they are grown.

These photos were taken by my dear friend and talented photographer, Lauren of Little Bear Photography. ❤️


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