Baby E’s Outdoor Baby Photos

Welcome Baby E’s outdoor baby photos to the blog! Well guys, if there’s anything more adorable than a baby, it is a baby outside! I loved all the little details from this session, from her hands to her feet to her little expressions!

Baby E’s momma had a lot of wonderful ideas for her outdoor baby photos! I loved that she wanted to keep it simple and focus on the details, but with some creativity. We had a gorgeous evening and the lighting was to die for. That golden light around sunset is the best!

Baby E was so patient with us for several outfit changes. While her momma brought a lot of adorable outfits to the session, there is no need to do so if you’d rather leave that to me. Outfits from Baby Bliss Props are available for use.

She loved exploring the grass and flowers. How adorable are her little feet, hands, and swirl on the back of her head? Oh, and nothing is more delicious than those thigh rolls! Babies grow and change so quickly in that first year! I love capturing all those fleeting details to savor for years to come.

Bubbles are so much fun to incorporate in outdoor baby sessions. Not only do they look fun and whimsical, but they capture baby’s attention so well. Baby E loved watching the bubbles float by.

Last, we did a bath with strawberries. Baby E has a blast splashing in the tub and playing with the fruit, although she was not into eating them. She did enjoy throwing them out of the tub though. Isn’t that a favorite baby game anyway?

All these little activities are fun for outdoor baby photos, but what I really love about them is watching their interaction and expressions. The world is really a wonder the these little ones and watching them explore it is the best.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog! Are you interested in outdoor baby photos for your little one? Please check out similar sessions on the blog. If you love what you see, please click on the contact page to chat with me about creating an outdoor baby photo session for your little one!

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