Emerson’s Newborn Photography Session

Oh Miss Emerson!  Welcome to earth side and the blog, sweet girl!  I know I say this every blog post, but she was so good to me!  Not a peep or a mess out of this sweet baby for her newborn photography session.  And to add that she has the best head of hair with the sweetest face, well that is just the icing on the cake!

Emerson’s big sister came to the newborn photography session.  Toddlers can always be a bit of a wild card since you never really know how they will react in new situations, especially with a new baby in the scene.  Her momma warned me that big sister is not a fan of having her photo taken and that it would probably be a struggle.  Little miss was very shy upon arrival but eventually warmed up.  We even got a few smiles!  How sweet is this sibling duo?  Melts my momma heart!

Most parents of toddlers are hesitant to include the older siblings in the newborn photography session.  Understandable.  However, it is such an amazing photo when you can get the siblings together!  And honestly, what momma doesn’t love a photo of all of her babies together?  I know I am raising my hand!

A few things to remember if you are bringing a toddler to a newborn session (or any photo session for that manner).

First, do not bribe them!  As tempting as it may be, toddlers are instant gratification people.  So when you tell them to sit and smile for a cookie, all they hear is cookie.  A battle is certain to ensue.

Second, tell them what to expect and keep it positive!  Let them know your photographer’s name, where you are going, and what will be happening.  Show them photos on the wall and where you want to hang their photo.

Third, keep it positive!  Toddlers tend to be active with a short attention span, getting frustrated with them will always back fire.  Have low expectations and remember, it only takes a split second to capture a great photo!

Interested in learning more?  Check out this blog post dedicated to siblings!

Now back to babies!

I’m slightly obsessed with these gorgeous knit sets from Beautiful Ewe.  How sweet and simple are these images?

newborn photography sessionnewborn photography sessionnewborn photography session

Thank you so much for stopping by the the blog to check out Emerson’s newborn photography session!  If you love what you see, please contact me to discuss scheduling a session of your own!

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