Newborn Essentials For Moms and Photographers

Let’s take a look at the newborn essentials for moms and photographers- things that make your life SO much easier that you wished you had sooner.

First of all, we all love a short video these days, here is the link to the Instagram reel.

  1. Stretchy knit jersey wraps. These make swaddling your newborn baby SO much easier! Honestly, I cannot swaddle a baby in those blankets that the hospitals give you. Parents come in for their newborn session and wonder how I can wrap their baby so well. This is the secret sauce! Interesting in getting a few of your own? Here is a link.
Newborn Essentials

2. Lulla Vibe Pad. Vibrations help calm and soothe your baby- similar to being in the womb. We love the lulla vibe because it is portable and small enough to hide under a layer. Want to snag one of your own? Find it here.

Newborn Essentials

3. The Shusher. Last but not least, the one thing that SO many new parents have bought while they are at their newborn session. So many times in fact that I joke that I should earn commission on their sales. The baby shusher will save you from making the shush sound over and over again. It comes with timers and volume adjustments as well. Why do babies love the shush sound? It sounds like the blood flow in utero! Grab one for yourself here.

Newborn Essentials

Have any other newborn essentials to add to our list? I would love to hear from you!

While you are here, don’t forget to add a newborn session to this list. I promise you won’t regret booking one. We recommend booking a newborn session before your little one arrives and have flexible scheduling since babies come on their own timeframe. We take a limited number of sessions each month.

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