Miss Nicolette’s Newborn Baby Photos

Oh my heavens! I can’t help but overshare Miss Nicolette’s newborn baby photos with the world today. This little angel came in for her newborn photos at just five days new and was an absolute dream boat!

Blush pink, creams, and simplicity were her momma’s request. Hello! Sign me up!

I thought this blog post might be a great example of what to expect out of a Welcome Baby newborn session with me, as I have included almost every photo from the newborn baby photos session here. So without further ado, here we go!

Most little ones arrive to their newborn session sleepy since it is requested that mom and/or dad keep them awake one to two hours before their session. This helps make sure they are ready for a deep sleep and not a catnap. I also recommend feeding their baby as much as they can right before they leave. It really makes a huge difference in their session!

So since baby is sleeping, I start with them first since their sleepy time is a window that we want to catch for posing. I do four poses on two different color fabrics with about 3 angles of each pose. These sets are simple and all about those fleeting details!

newborn baby photos

In most cases, I get these poses done in about thirty minutes. That’s a lot of newborn baby photos! Because I keep movements to a minimum, babies are typically pretty comfortable and happy here. Just how we like it!

newborn baby photos

After the beanbag, we move to props. Momma requested a bucket and maybe some florals (my favorite!!).

newborn baby photos

Her momma also brought this sweet little outfit that Nicolette’s auntie bought for her. How adorable is that back bow?

Okay, this heart prop from Rozzie Rayne Studio Props is seriously adorable.

newborn baby photos

Now onto family photos. I like to keep baby swaddled for these. It keeps them secure as there is usually a lot of movement! How gorgeous is her family??

Nicolette has some wicked adorable older brothers too. My goodness, they were so patient with her and so loving! I have a serious admiration for this family!

Last, but not least, parent poses!

That’s a wrap! What do you think? Easy peasy. This newborn baby photos session was done in an hour and a half! I try to get the best shot and move on so that we are not dragging out the session.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog! Interested in learning more? Check out the newborn session information page.

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