A lesson learned 10 years later.

Pregnancy is SUCH and exciting time!

The anticipation of meeting your little one is unlike anything else!

I remember rubbing my belly and wondering what this little miracle growing inside of me would be like.  Would the little nugget be a boy or girl? Blue eyes or hazel?  Maybe she would get my husband’s dark lashes and my red hair.

Hopefully she would get his athleticism and my creativity.   I hope she is kind and thoughtful. Patient and understanding.

It’s endless! I could go on all day!

Then, there’s that never ending to do list.

Decorate the nursery.

Take a breastfeeding and birthing class.

Register for baby gear. Buy Buy Baby here we come!

Figure out what kind of bottle to get in an endless aisle of options.

Choose a stroller.  Car seats.  This is when you really need that forbidden glass of wine!

Find something to wear that is stretchy, comfortable, and hopefully cute to your baby shower.

Are maternity photos on your to due list?

Maybe.  Maybe not.  It depends on how much weight you gain and how swollen you get….

Let’s fast forward 10 years from now.

When your little one is 9 years old.  Yikes!

How will you remember this time in waiting?

If you are anything like me, you might have a few bad photos that your husband took with his crummy camera and photography skills.

They aren’t photos that you love.  In fact, they are blurry and downright terrible.

It doesn’t have to be like this though.  Learn from my mistakes!


My girls LOVE seeing what they looked like inside my belly.  It’s the beginning of their story, how they came to life.  I only have a few crummy photos to show them.  I wish I had better ones. More of them.

It doesn’t matter to them how big I felt or how swollen I was.  They LOVE them!

My kids see their mom and dad, back when they were a little bit younger. They see themselves growing and how much they are loved.

How will your pregnancy be remembered?

I hope you remember how excited you were.

I hope your kids can see and feel that.

I hope you remember how much you loved your significant other.

I hope your kids still know that.

I hope Erin and Jeremy’s little one knows that when they look at their maternity photos. <3

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Interested in booking a maternity session to document your pregnancy?  I would LOVE to do your maternity photos!  I can’t wait to hear from you!

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