Expecting? Here’s what you need to know!

What to look for in a newborn photographer

Congratulations, you are expecting!  Or maybe you are dreaming of starting a family, swooning over Pinterest photos of newborns.  Perhaps you are expecting a grand baby and would like to gift your children with the gift of photos.  Either way, you’ve come to the right place!  Here is what to look for in a newborn photographer and things to consider:


Style seems like an ambiguous term but every photographer definitely has their our  approach to photography.  Some are very colorful and use a lot of props and backgrounds, while others are more simplistic and prefer neutral colors.  And then consider the lighting.  While some are darker, others are brighter.  What style are you drawn to?  While I definitely fall on the simple, airy side, that might not be the best fit for everyone.  And that’s okay!


Okay, I will admit, this isn’t the most amusing topic.  However, it is the most important.  Your newborn photographer will be handling and posing your most precious little one.  You want to make sure that this person is trained in the safety, Photographer Medina Ohiocomfort, and needs of your little one.  And while online classes are great, it can never replace in person training with an experienced professional.  Organizations such as National Association of Professional Child Photographers have listings of trained professionals in your area.


Being specialized is always a good thing, after all it allows us to get really good at whatever the craft may be.  While I would never try my hand at wedding photography (give me all the crying babies, just not a crying bride!), some photographers do it all.  Which is great!  But really, you should consider how often this photographer does newborn photography sessions.  The more often, the better.

Lifestyle versus studio:

Newborn Photography AkronDo you want your newborn session done in a studio session where they are posed?  Or do you prefer in the comfort of your home, more of a real life scene?  Lifestyle sessions are a great authentic, causal approach to newborn photography.  Studio sessions make for once in a life time portraiture.  This decision is totally up to you!  You may also want to consider what the final outcome of the session you would like.  While lifestyle makes for great albums for the coffee table, studio sessions make awesome wall displays.

Products and prints:

Oh, I did lead myself right into this one! Chances are, you will be investing a substantial chunk of change into this endeavor.  The last place you would want to skim is on the final prints.  A bad print can throw all that money out the door!  Find out if you can order prints and products through the photographer, how much it will cost, and if there is any minimum order. Some will even sit down and make displays with your input, while others have you order online.


I will admit, I saved this one for last.  Why?  While certainly bringing a child into the world is not cheap, your newborn photos are a once in a lifetime opportunity.  And while not everyone values newborn photography, chances are, if you are reading this, you do.  So I highly recommend finding someone who suits all of your needs first.  You may find that you love their work so much that you will save for it or it may not be for you.

Newborn PhotographerMost photographers do their pricing structure a little differently.  Some are all inclusive where the digital images come with the session.  Others offer packages or collections, separate from the session fee.  Some have you order online while other have you come back to a separate appointment to place your order.  Make sure you understand the terms upfront and always get it in writing.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog!  Feel free to take a look around!  Looking for a newborn photographer?  Check out the newborn session information and  contact Mary to inquire about booking your session today.