Hello, Ian!

Welcome Mr. Ian’s infant photos to the blog!  My goodness, what an absolutely sweet little baby he is!  His momma and daddy are about the nicest people you can meet, I was so thrilled to be a part of this special time in their lives!

Ian’s momma is an elephant handler at the Cleveland Zoo.  Is this not the coolest job you have ever heard of?? So of course we HAD to do an elephant set.  I hope this will fit perfectly into his elephant themed nursery!

As fun as the colorful themed sets are, my heart really stays with the neutrals.  How neat is this new prop from Libelle Props?  Mr. Ian was so patient with me!

The variety that we can get on the beanbag is hands down second to none.  The simplicity of infant photos and all those details really shine here.  My goodness, he was so delicious!  Those cheeks and rolls are divine!

Ian’s daddy was a big fan of this sleepy cap!  How adorable is he?  I do see a bit of red hair coming in, maybe he will be a redhead….my favorite!

Oh that sweet profile!  Friends, it’s all about those details for infant photos!  They are only this little for a blink of an eye.

infant photos

You know how much I love a good bucket, right?  No exception here! Loved all the angles from this set as well.

infant photos

A little swaddle with a touch of blue…so cozy, comfortable, and sweet!

infant photos

Oh those sweet little piggies!  Baby toes are simply the best!

infant photos

Family silhouettes are a new must for me.  I do them every session.  It gives a bit of variety and a different look.

Okay, okay, love this family!  Have I said that yet?  And for as sweet as they are, they are equally gorgeous!

infant photos

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog to check out Ian’s infant photos!  Interested in seeing more?  Check out some similar blog posts.

Are you expecting soon and are looking for infant photos?  I would LOVE to be your lady!

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