Newborn Soothing Tips

Newborn Soothing Tips

By Cleveland Newborn Whisperer Mary Christine Photography

Many of my newborn parents come to the session and call me the Cleveland newborn whisperer.  The truth is, it has not always been this way.  It has taken a lot of practice in handling newborns and listening to their cues to get here.  Today I wanted to share some of the best tips with you in hopes that it might make soothing your newborn a little easier.

Tip 1: Swaddle

Do not stop swaddling once you leave the hospital.  There’s a reason why newborns love to be all cozy.  It replicates the womb and makes them feel secure.  My favorite wraps to use are jersey knit because they are soft and hold in place.  I buy them at Cloth Apothecary, but you can find them at any fabric store.

Tip 2: All that noise!

The womb is a noisy place to spend nine months.  There is blood rushing around and the sound of momma’s voice, heart, and breathing.  The shushing noise is very comforting to newborns.  I use this shusher every newborn session.  If fact, most new parents buy it on Amazon before they even leave the session!

Tip 3: Have you heard the buzz?

Babies love movement, that is a well know fact, but did you know that Summer Infant makes a portable vibrator for your baby? You can have a bouncy seat anywhere and keep the little one happy!  They also come in mats, like the Tranquilo Mat.

Tip 4: The Sweet Spot.

Newborns love having their head cradled, just as it was in utero.  There is also a pressure point between their eyes that if you gently stroke, will calm them almost instantly.  (That is, assuming they are not in pain or hungry). I call this my ‘off button’, if the little one is sleepy, it puts them to sleep almost right away!

Cleveland Newborn Whisperer

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