Christmas Sessions 2017

Christmas Photo Sessions 2017

By Medina Ohio Photographer Mary Christine Photography

Christmas photo sessions this year were a hit!  All the families that came out for the sessions were absolutely fantastic!  I love catching up with everyone this time of the year.  The little ones grow and change so quickly!

This year I really wanted to create something special for my clients, so I made not one, but three sets!  I did not buy backdrops, because I wanted them to be one of a kind, and let me tell you, it was quite the process.  Back in July I started thinking about these sets!  Yes, that is five months of planning!  I think it was all worth it in the end, or at least I hope!

The main set was inspired by the cozy winter nights that we enjoy by the fireplace as a family.  I knew this set had to be big enough to accommodate families, and when I found this mantel at Knowlton Natural Decor Studio, it was perfect for my vision!

The second set was a hand painted winter wonderland scene.  Painting my own backdrops has been something has been a goal of mine for a long time.  It’s so satisfactory when a vision can come to life, and this was exactly what I had in mind for a different take on the traditional holiday photos.  Learning to paint has been a process for me, and I have to hand it to Amy from Artventure Studios in Medina Ohio for her amazing classes.  Amy has helped me immensely with growing confident as an artist!

The final set was a few organic wreaths that I made mixed in with ornaments.  While it was the most simple of the sets, it certainly was a fan favorite!  Giving my clients a variety in just a twenty minute session was my goal, and I think we hit it!

While I can’t post all the photos, here are a few. Have a wonderful holiday season and a blessed 2018!