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Welcome Baby C to the Akron newborn photography blog! My goodness, I am so happy that my schedule allowed to fit in this last minute newborn session! He was such a handsome little man, we loved working with him and his family!

akron newborn

Baby C rounds out a January schedule filled with boys. Is 2020 the year of boys? We ended last year with a long streak of girls and now it’s the boys turn to shine. There must be a baby boom of Akron newborn boys!

akron newborn

Baby C loved to be swaddled. He was such a cuddle bug! Most babies that love the cuddle also love the swaddle. After all, it is just like being back in the womb where they spent the first nine months of life! His momma requested blues, green, tans, and white. I love a little green with some texture!

akron newborn

A January baby needs a warm fuzzy bonnet. After all, winter in Northeast Ohio can be quite cold. Akron newborn babies need a little fuzz to keep the warm. How cozy is this little set? Makes a good winter snooze sound pretty good.

I love all the angles from newborn sessions. It shows off those sweet little details that do not last nearly long enough. How sweet and simple is this white set? I hope that these photos are timeless enough to be loved by generations to come.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog! I hope you have enjoyed Baby C’s newborn photos as much as I loved taking them.

Are you expecting a little one soon and are looking for an Akron newborn photographer? Please check out the newborn portfolio page to see if we suit what you are looking for in a newborn photographer. If you love what you see, you can schedule your session here.

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