A New Experience

I wanted to make an update here on the blog as to the new experience we are rolling out here at the studio! This change is aimed at serving you better, from start to finish.

A little back story as to why the change. A few months back, one of my dearest families came back in for their daughter’s first birthday session. The dad confessed to me that he was so in love with the photos from their first session with me but they had yet to print them and hang them in the home. The mom agreed and said that she was stuck on what would look best in the home.

This struck a cord with me that I had really dropped the ball with giving clients a finished product. What a waste of their resources! They went through all that time, energy, and money to have beautiful photos taken only for those photos to collect dust on a hard drive. See, they weren’t getting the joy of looking at their newborn daughter on their walls. Or giving their daughter the opportunity to flip through the pages of an album in wonder. It made me realize how I was actually failing them at giving them that experience.

Well, this might have been an isolated incident because after all, prints are available in your online gallery and I really thought I was giving you the best service by delivering a gallery of digital images. However, the next session was a client who has been coming in for years. She also confessed that she hasn’t done anything with the digital images and now feels overwhelmed at the thought of how to display them in her home or make albums of them. Even my own sister, who I did her son’s first year, has yet to do anything with her files. Yikes!

I hate to think that the work we are doing here is going to end up in the digital wasteland. After all, the purpose of photography is to preserve a moment. A digital files is about as good as a bitcoin. It’s worth something only if you know what to do with it. How to properly print it and display it. Imagine spending hundreds of dollars on something, only to have the end result not be an actual quality, physical product.

Time for change! Why? No one is going to find these digital files on your computer or hard drive that is obsolete in 5, 10, 20 years. When your grand children are going through your belongings someday, they won’t know how to access your cloud. I hope they have the same joy in discovering an album of their grandmother from childhood that we had when we found my own grandmother’s album. These heirlooms and the legacy you leave behind. Let the quality match the digital file that you seek.

Moving forward, you will not be just getting an email with a link to your gallery. We will finish this process together.

After your session, you will have another appointment with me where you can view your gallery of images. We will talk about the options of what you want to do with them- album? wall art? both? Think of it as shopping with your best friend who has the best possible style. (Okay, I’m not actually that stylish but I sure do know what to do with your photos!) I’m here to help you!

There is nothing more emotionally satisfying than seeing your gorgeous family hanging on the wall. It’s what takes a house and transforms it into your home. Let’s take the time to finish this process correctly. You deserve a professional product adoring the walls of your home with the people you love most.

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