Baby M’s Summer First Birthday Session

Baby M’s Summer First Birthday Session

Strongsville Ohio Photographer Mary Christine Photography

Welcome Baby M to the Strongsville Ohio photographer blog!  It seems like just yesterday this adorable little lady came for her newborn session!  Now she is ONE and almost a big sister!  Craziness!

Her parents came from Strongsville Ohio for her photography session.  We had the perfect summer evening for their session!  The golden sunlight was perfect and of course I had the most gorgeous little family! They are just as sweet as they are beautiful, which makes it even better!

Strongsville Ohio Photographer

Strongsville Ohio Photographer

How sweet are those little leg rolls and that grin?? I love their outfits, so perfectly coordinated!  Mom did an amazing job picking them out.  If you ever need help deciding on what to wear for your family’s photography session, have no fear, I can walk you through it right here. Mom found her sun dress at Target (who doesn’t LOVE Target? I know I sure do!) and then found pieces to go with her dress.  Baby M’s romper is so adorable, it shows off those baby legs perfectly!

Strongsville Ohio Photographer

Oh I could just eat her up!  Momma and baby photos are so special to me!  If you do not take them for yourself, take the photograph for your child.  They will love having these in years to come.  Doesn’t it melt you heart?

Strongsville Ohio Photographer

Honestly, they are so perfect it isn’t even fair! They are equally as nice as they are beautiful!  They really are a great family!

Strongsville Ohio PhotographerStrongsville Ohio Photographer

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog!  Are you looking for a Strongsville Ohio photographer?  I would love to talk with you today!  Bump to baby photography is my speciality and I service all of Northeast Ohio.  From Cleveland to Akron and anywhere in between, I want to be your go to girl!

Aria’s Cake Smash Session

Aria’s Cake Smash Session

By Brunswick Ohio Photography Mary Christine Photography

Welcome, Aria to the Brunswick Ohio photography blog by Mary Christine Photography!  I have had the privilege of photographing this sweet little lady since she was a newborn and was so thrilled to celebrate her first birthday with her!

In fact, this little lady is about to be a big sister soon!  I cannot wait to see her at her sister’s newborn session!  It seems like just yesterday she was snoozing through hers! She has been such a sweet little peanut from day one, she really stole my heart at just a few days old! I’m so thankful her parents drove to me from Brunswick, Ohio!


Brunswick Ohio Photography

Aria’s momma choose a pink and gold theme for her first birthday.  Pink and gold has been all the rage lately with photography sessions, so it was fun to switch it up with balloons!  I love a simple set for these, all the focus goes right on the baby!

How adorable are her little teeth and those expressions on her face?? I love all the details in the cake smash sets!  From those tiny hands, to the frosting on the everywhere, it really is quite adorable!

Brunswick Ohio Photography

Every once in a while, I like to switch things up with a backdrop.  How cute is this princess drop from Intuition Backgrounds? This set up is definitely perfect for a first birthday photography session!

Brunswick Ohio Photography

My goodness, those big blue eyes!  Such a gorgeous baby girl!  And of course those two front teeth peeking out are nothing short of adorable.  Oh how I love watching these babies grow into toddlers!  It’s so amazing to see!

Brunswick Ohio PhotographyBrunswick Ohio PhotographyBrunswick Ohio Photography

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog!  Is your little one turning one soon?  If you are interested in scheduling a Brunswick Ohio photography session, please contact me today to chat about scheduling.  I would love to document your baby’s first birthday!


Megan’s Fall Maternity Session

Megan’s Fall Maternity Session

By Akron Maternity Photographer Mary Christine Photography

This yucky March weather has me dreaming of fall, so let’s hit rewind today back to the gorgeous colors and welcome Megan to the Akron maternity photographer blog!

I loved meeting this sweet couple last October!  They were so much fun to photograph and are so easy going! And of course they are absolutely adorable!  No wonder their little girl was so a peach for her newborn session a few months later!  Her newborn photography session is one of my all time favorites!

Akron Maternity Photographer

I love this park near Akron Ohio for outdoor sessions!  It has a great path in the woods, an open field, and a barn that makes it the perfect location for a photography session.  There is a good variety of backgrounds and of course that yummy light at the golden hour!

Akron Maternity Photographer

How gorgeous is this maternity gown from Sew Trendy Accessories on Megan?  The color perfectly compliments the fields autumn colors!

I have a feeling their baby girl will love seeing these photos in a few years.  It is so special for kiddos to see how they looked in their momma’s belly before they arrived!  I also love how maternity sessions capture that feeling of love and excitement soon to be parents have for their baby.  This photo gives me all the feels!

Akron Maternity Photographer

These two were so light hearted- we had a great time laughing!  I know that being photographed can be uncomfortable at times, that is totally normal!  So the best way for us to break on down is to joke and have a good time.

Akron Maternity PhotographerAkron Maternity Photographer

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog!  Love what you see?  Are you looking for an Akron maternity photographer to document your pregnancy?  Please contact me today to chat about creating your session!

Finn’s One Year Cake Smash Session

Finn’s One Year Cake Smash Session

Baby Photography Cleveland Ohio By Mary Christine Photography

Welcome, little Mr. Finn to the baby photography Cleveland Ohio blog! It is definitely not his first time here on the blog.  In fact, I have had the privilege of photographing his sweet family since his big brother was a newborn!  What an honor that they have trusted me with their family’s precious moments for years!

You can see Finn’s newborn session here.  What a difference a year makes!  This little guy was definitely on the move for his cake smash session!  But he was so laid back and we managed to get a lot of really cute photos!

Finn’s first birthday theme is spring woodland- of course I love anything to do with spring right now!  Cleveland Ohio is still under snow (which is seems like it has been winter forever), so I was happy to break out all things green.  And if you have followed any of my work or previous blog posts, you know how much I love organic looks.  So don’t mind me grabbing all the birch logs and twigs over here!

Also, I need to take a moment for the gorgeous cake from A Cupcake A Day in Medina Ohio! I LOVE naked cakes!  They are the perfect, simple touch for any cake smash.  Best of all, we do not need to worry about dyes in the frosting.  Yep, I think naked cakes are my go to from now on.

Baby Photography Cleveland Ohio

I love all the little details of cake smash sessions.  From Finn’s little baby hands covered in frosting the look on his face, it is all too much cuteness.  Seriously dear readers, if you ever need a little sunshine, just look at all the baby photography blogs.

Baby Photography Cleveland OhioBaby Photography Cleveland Ohio

Finn’s brothers came for a few photos as well.  How dapper do these boys look?

Baby Photography Cleveland OhioBaby Photography Cleveland Ohio

Well, that is a wrap!  Thank you so much for stopping by.  Are you looking for baby photography Cleveland Ohio?  Please contact me today to chat about creating your little one’s photography session!

Let’s Talk Pinterest!

Let’s talk Pinterest photography!

I LOVE Pinterest!  Who doesn’t??  I could literally spend hours every day finding recipes and home decor there!  Pinterest definitely has a wealth of ideas, tricks, and of course, photography. It is easy to get lost in all the content and eye candy!

Now, I am not going to lie, Pinterest photography was my life line when I started my business.  I found all of my ideas on there!  And my dear readers, I myself am guilty of the Pinterest nailed its.  Some really bad ones in fact!  In fact, I made the same mistake that is discussed below.  So please do not fret if you think that you have done this before!

Don’t get me wrong,

I still think Pinterest is still great and amazing!  In fact, I doubt as many people would be interested in hiring a newborn photographer life myself without it! I still encourage you to pin away all those adorable baby photographs!  It is a great place to get a feel for your style of photography that you are looking for and maybe even find your perfect photographer!

So here’s the catch:

And while I definitely want you to get the ‘look’ that you want, I kindly ask that you leave cell phone out of the photography session until the end.  Why?

We want these photos to reflect you, your family, and your moments!

Recreating someone else’s can become painful for everyone involved and I want you to relax and interact as you normally would with your loved ones.  (Trust me, I have done this myself!  Stand here, look this way, wear this, etc.  It is all so exhausting!  And then, in the end, I hated the photos because they did not match the Pinterest ones and every time I looked at them, I was reminded of what an awful day it was!)

The thing that you probably love about the photo is the emotion that it brings to you, how the light is hitting, or something else that just made that moment itself perfect.  I am asking you my friends, to let it go and make your own ‘picture perfect’ memories!

So here is what I ask:

Give your daughter that kiss that is special to just the two of you, hold your baby like you do as you rock him to sleep, and look at your husband and remember all those reason you married him.  In the end, this is why you will love the photos.  Not because it matches your pin perfectly, but because you love the people and moment in them.

At the end of the session, I usually ask you if we got everything that you wanted.  This is the time  to whip out that one or two swoon worthy pins and we will try our best to make it happen.

Almost all of my clients are amazing about this, and I really do thank them for that!  It is difficult sometimes to let go of that vision in your head and trust your photographer.  But if you are able to do so, you might find that your gallery is even better than your Pinterest photography board!


Thank you so much for stopping by the photography blog!